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LUBE USA PM Pneumatic Piston Pump

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Pneumatically actuated piston pump for use
with positive displacement injectors.



Air-driven piston pump operated by a three-way solenoid valve.



Pump ratio 1:5(Air pressure 0.5MPa)
Discharge rate 8ml / shot (6ml, 7ml ~ order product)
Use viscosity Spraying method:
Oil shot 10 to 100㎟ / s
Oil / air, mist 10 to 1800㎟ / sPlease contact us if you are using a special solution.
Characteristics of the air pressure and air consumption 0.4MPa-0.27NL / shot
0.5MPa-0.3NL / shot
Valve the total discharge amount of about 5ml
Amount of coating (A 0.5ml of the valve can be up to 10 locations in the case of use)
Reservoircapacity 1.8LResin Reservoir (standard)
3LResin Reservoir, 3L, 4L, 8L sheet metal Reservoir (Option)
 Three-way solenoid valve Voltage: AC100V, AC200V, DC24V
 Oil level switch Contact (NO) ON at the lower limit
 Contact capacity AC, DC200V30W or resistive load, 0.5A any smaller
Weight 1.8L:1.2kg、8L:11.0kg




Model Part Number Level Switch Electrical Connections Reservoir
PM-8S 102660 1.8 L
PM-8S-L 102754 Flying Leads 1.8 L
PM-8S-L 112988 Terminal Box 1.8 L
PM-8S-3L PM8S3L Terminal Box 3 L

Directions for use

By PM type Pump is air pressure, is air drive Pump to perform the reciprocating motion of the piston. At the time of turning on and off of the air is, it is always required three-way switching valve.
PM type Pump has been designed so as to generate a discharge pressure 0.5MPa to air input pressure 0.1MPa (Pump ratio of 1: 5). However, since Operating pressure is more than 1.2MPa of the metering valve, air input pressure, please set to always keep the 0.45~0.7MPa. Also, please be adjusted to air input pressure is not to 0.45MPa than Foot even when the oil (liquid) is too jump than the jet nozzle of the tip.
Is to use oil viscosity range of (liquid) is 10㎟ / s ~ 100㎟ / s (when using viscosity). If extremely high viscosity may not be able to repeat the discharge with a short cycle (intermittent hour).
The PM type Pump, aluminum material (Pump body), acetate resin (standard reservoir), so we NBR rubber material (O-ring) is used, if you want to use a special oil (liquid) is to the nearest business office please contact us.


Pump Drawing
Hydraulic circuit drawing
Dimensional Drawing
Dimensional drawing

Additional information

Dimensions 11.25 × 8.75 × 8 in