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LUBE USA AMO-IIIDS Automatic Intermittent Gear Pump with Digital Controller

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Capable of operating over a wide viscosity range.
Digital display gives on sight visual indication.
Interval can be a function of time or count.


Capable of operation over a wide working viscosity range

Digital display tells how the pump is doing on sight.

Control by timer and counter is selectable.



Pump Discharge Volume 150ml/min (50Hz) 180ml/min (60Hz)
Discharge Pressure 2.0MPa (safety valve set pressure)
Motor Voltage / Current AC100Vφ1/0.83A AC200Vφ1/0.41A (50Hz)
AC100Vφ1/0.64A AC200Vφ1/0.33A (60Hz)
Output 20W (50Hz/60Hz) CondesorMotor
Controller Timer
Discharge time adjustable range: 1〜99sec.
Interval time adjustable range: 1〜9999min.

※Please specify when ordering if you want to count control.

Abnormal output Contact type A Contact (NO)
Contact capacity AC250V 1.5A
Emergency Detection Oil level pressure
Oil level switch
Contact Type A Contact (NO) ON at low level
Prerssure switch
Contact Type B接点 (NC)
Operating pressure:1.7MPa OFF
Reset pressure: 0.9MPa ON
Liquid crystal display INTERVAL display ”INT”
ALARM When oil side decreases, display ”OILLEVEL ERR” When pressure is abnormal, display ”PRESSURE ERR”
Working Viscosity Range 68〜1800mm2/S (50Hz)
Reservoir Capacity 1.8l、3l (plastic) 3l、4l、8l (sheet metal)
Weight 1.8lReservoir:3.2kg 3lReservoir:4kg




Model Part Number
AMO-III DS-1 285301
AMO-III DS-1-3 285303
AMO-III DS-2 285302
AMO-III DS-2-3 285304

Directions for use

Do not remove the oil strainer to keep the pump clear of foreign matter.
Replace or clean the suction filter at least once a year. Click here to view the service list.
Oil viscosity varies with oil temperature. Be sure to use oil within the working viscosity range. Refer to the viscosity table.
Do not use any special additive-contained oil, water soluble oil and solvent.
Periodically check the oil in the reservoir for impurities. Replace it, if necessary, with fresh oil immediately. Be sure to clean the reservoir before oil change.
Make sure that proper voltage and pressure are proper.
Do not over tighten the discharge joint. Refer to the tightening torque table.
Low-oil viscosity versions are available. Contact us for information.
For system planning information, Contact us.


Controller Setting
Controller settings
Pump Drawing
Hydraulic circuit drawing
Wiring digram
Wiring digram
Dimensional Drawing
Dimensional drawing
warning Improper handling can result in a death or serious injury.
Electrical shock may be received under certain conditions Electrical shock may be received under certain conditions.。
Be sure to ground. Be sure to ground.


Additional information

Dimensions 11.25 × 8.75 × 8 in