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Hydmech S-20 Band Saw

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The original, horizontal pivot band saw is designed to give you the best cost per cut on the market.

The S-20 manual horizontal pivot band saw features a swing head design and provides exceptional miter cutting capability for light to medium duty applications.

Featuring a 13″H x 18″W capacity at 90°, 3 HP motor, and 1″ blade, the S-20 is a versatile machine ideal for use in tight working spaces.

Capacity Rectangular (h x w) Round
90° 13″ x 18″ 13″
45° 13″ x 10 3/4″ 12″
30° 13″ x 7 3/4″ 8 1/2″
Blade Size 1” x 14’ 10”
Blade Drive 3 HP VFD
Machine Voltage 208, 240, 480, or 575 v
Blade Speed 45-330 SFM
Coolant Tank Capacity 6 Gallons
Work Load 5,000 lbs.
Machine Weight 2,200 lbs.
Table Height 31”
Dimensions (w x l x h) 92” x 75” x 52”


  • Easy swing, heavy duty cast iron saw head that can swing up to 60 degrees in one direction
  • 3 HP true direct blade drive – no belts/pulleys

  • 36” material in-feed roller table and 19” out feed table

  • Heavy duty, quick adjusting, sliding material vise jaw

  • Mechanical band tensioning with digital readout

  • Cast iron band wheels

  • Swing away operator control panel

  • Replaceable blade brush

  • Robust steel base

  • Easy to read angle scale with an angle locking mechanism

  • Cast iron guide arms. Idler side guide arm is adjustable and supported by linear rail

  • Gravity fed sawing head with infinite down feed adjustment

  • Pre-set, replaceable carbide guide inserts

  • Safety door interlocks

  • Flood coolant with wash down hose

  • Laser light

  • Work light


  • Mist lubrication (shop air required)

  • Work stop – 34″

  • Single phase – 220 v

  • Right hand side control panel – rigid mount
  • Idler conveyors

Horizontal Pivot Band Saw Inverter Band Drive

Inverter Band Drive Control

With the inclusion of an Inverter Drive, the band speed of the machine can be controlled form the operator’s control panel eliminating the need for the operator to walk around the saw to manipulate a pulley drive system.

Guide Arm on Linear Rails

Movable Saw Guide Arm

Riding on linear bearings, the left movable saw guide arm can easily be positioned and locked into place when adjusting to the workpiece.

Horizontal Pivot Band Saw Cast Iron Head

Cast Iron Saw Head

Heavy, cast iron head helps absorb vibrations when cutting structural material helping reduce cutting noise, increasing band life and providing better quality cuts.

S-20 Horizontal Pivot Band Saw Angle Measurement

Pivoting Saw Head

The saw head can be swung a full 60 degrees simplifying the process of cutting angles when needed.