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LUBE USA L20-R Manual Lubrication Pump

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Lever operated piston pump. When the lever
is released a spring will reset the piston to
discharge oil.

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Discharge Volume 2〜7ml/stroke (Adjustable)
Discharge Pressure 0.5MPa
Working Viscosity Range 32〜1300mm2/S
Reservoir Capacity 1.8l (L20)
Weight 1.8kg (L20)



Model Part Number Lever Reservoircapacity
L20-R 103212 Right

Directions for use

Replace or clean the suction filter at least once a year. Click here to view the service list.
Oil viscosity varies with oil temperature. Be sure to use oil within the working viscosity range. Refer to the viscosity table.
Do not use any special additive-contained oil, water soluble oil and solvent.
Periodically check the oil in the reservoir for impurities. Replace it, if necessary, with fresh oil immediately. Be sure to clean the reservoir before oil change.
Do not over tighten the discharge joint. Refer to the tightening torque table.
Do not pull or push the lever by force in a sudden manner.
If the pump to be installed on the right side of the machine, choose LK8-TL and if it is to be installed on the left of the machine, choose LK8-TR.


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11.25 × 8.75 × 8 in