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LUBE USA AMR-IIIDS Automatic Intermittent Gear Pump

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Capable of operating over a wide viscosity range.
Digital display gives on sight visual indication.
Interval can be a function of time or count.



Capable of operation over a wide working viscosity range. Digital display tells how the pump is doing on sight. Control by timer and counter is selectable.



Pump Discharge Volume 150ml/min (50Hz) 180ml/min (60Hz)
Discharge Pressure 0.8MPa (safety valve set pressure)
Motor Voltage / Current AC100Vφ1/0.83A AC200Vφ1/0.41A (50Hz)
AC100Vφ1/0.64A AC200Vφ1/0.33A (60Hz)
Output 20W (50Hz/60Hz) Capacitor Motor
Controller Timer
Discharge time adjustable range: 1〜99秒
(2.5〜247.5ml) 50Hz (3〜297ml) 60Hz
Interval time adjustable range: 1〜9999min.

※Please specify when ordering if you want to count control.

Abnormal output Contact type A Contact (NO)
Contact capacity AC250V 1.5A
Emergency Detection Oil level pressure
Oil level switch
Contact Type A Contact (NO) ON at low level
Prerssure switch
Contact Type A Contact (NO)
Operating pressure: 0.14MPa ON
Reset pressure : 0.07MPa OFF
Liquid crystal display INTERVAL display ”INT”
ALARM When oil side decreases, display ”OILLEVEL ERR” When pressure is abnormal, display ”PRESSURE ERR”
Working Viscosity Range 68〜1300mm2/S (50Hz)
Reservoir Capacity 1.8l、3l (plastic) 3l、4l、8l (sheet metal)
Weight 1.8l Reservoirs: 3.2kg, 3l Reservoirs: 4kg



Automatic intermittent gear pump AMR-III DS型|Automatic intermittent gear pump AMR-III DS型 How to Order
Model Part Number
AMR-III DS-1 112141
AMR-III DS-1-3 112143
AMR-III DS-2 112142
AMR-III DS-2-3 112144


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Dimensions 11.25 × 8.75 × 8 in