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Automatic intermittent gear pump AMO-IIID
Automatic intermittent gear pump AMO-IIID
Positive displacement gear pump with a microprocessor based controller. Pump interval can be time based or count based.
Discharge volume 150cc/min(50Hz),180cc/min(60Hz)
Discharge pressure 2.0Mpa(20kgf/cm2) 284psi
Power AC100V/1φ, AC200V/1φ(50/60Hz)
AC110V/1φ, AC220V/1φ(50/60Hz)
Rated current AC100V/0.83A, DC200V/0.41A(50Hz), AC100V/0.64A, AC200V/0.33A(60Hz)
Motor Condenser motor, output 20W
Working viscosity range 68~1800cSt
Discharge 1~99seconds.
Interval 1~9999min or  1~9999counts
Emergency detection Pressure, Oil level
Pressure switch
Operating pressure : 1.3Mpa(13kgf/cm2)184.6psi
Reset pressure : 0.9Mpa(9kgf/cm2)127.8psi
Emergency output
contact type
A contact (N.O)
Emergency output
contact capacity
In case of 100V: 50mA
In case of 200V 1.5A
Reservoir capacity 1.8ℓ, 3ℓ
Weight 1.8ℓ: 3.2kg/7lbs, 3ℓ: 4kg/8.8lbs
Part Number
Part Number Voltage Reservoir
AC100V AC200V 1.8ℓ 3.0ℓ
202777 O   O  
202778   O O  
202779 O     O
202780       O
Part Number Voltage Reservoir Color
AC110V AC220V 1.8ℓ 3.0ℓ Green Machine Tool Gray
202507 O   O      
202508   O O      
202370 O     O O  
202371   O   O O  
202372 O     O   O
202373   O   O   O
Hydraulic circuit drawing
Automatic intermittent gear pump AMO-IIID Hydraulic circuit drawing
Wiring diagram
Automatic intermittent gear pump AMO-IIID Wiring diagram
Dimensional drawing
Automatic intermittent gear pump AMO-IIID Dimensional drawing


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