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Specialty system DM valve
Specialty system DM valveDM valve is a metering valve for pneumatic pump
Discharge volume per shot 0.03, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5cc
Operation pressure 1.2MPa (12kgf/cm2) 174psi
Return pressure 0.5MPa (5kgf/cm2) 72.5psi
Part Number
Part Number Mark Discharge volume
205003 3 0.03
205005 5 0.05
205010 10 0.1
205020 20 0.2
205030 30 0.3
205050 50 0.5
Motion Flow chart
(1) Figure 1 shows, once the pump starts running ,the check valve C is in the ready position
(2) Figure 2 shows, when check valve C is open, piston A is pushed up.
The oil in cylinder will be discharged.
(3) Figure 3 shows, when piston A completes its stroke, the discharge ends.
(4) Figure 4 shows, when pump stops, pressure relieves.
Once the pressure in the tubing reduces, the piston A is being pushed down by spring B. At the same time, the valve starts reloading oil in the chamber above piston A.
(5) Figure 5 shows, the piston has returned and is ready for the next cycle.
Dimensional drawing
Specialty system DM valve


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