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Controller/Power box/Pump mouting panel
To control GMS electric pump. Controller/Power box/Pump mouting panel
Power voltage AC100V, AC200V/AC110V,AC220V
Output voltage DC24V/2A
Emergency output contact Normally-open, 15VA
Lamp indication Power (green) Lamp is ON when power is turned on. Discharge (green) Lamp is on during discharge.
ALARM (red)
Emergency indication lamp ON, when pressure is abnormal. When emergency is called off, timer reset to zero and enter the next cycle
Timer Interval time 1999h (1hour step)
discharge time 19min (1min step)
Instant feed Manual discharge and emergency reset button
Part Number
Part Number Model Input voltage
300021 GMC-100 AC100V
300022 GMC-200 AC200V
300033 GMC-S100 (Solenoid) AV100V (Use MGL or GPL)
300034 GMC-S200 (Solenoid) AV200V (Use MGL or GPL)
300037 GMC-S110 (Solenoid) AV110V (Use MGL or GPL)
300038 GMC-S220 (Solenoid) AV220V (Use MGL or GPL)
Power box
For GM electric pump
Output voltage DC24V/1A
With Instant feed button
Part Number
Part Number Model Input voltage
300023 GMP-100 AC100V
300024 GMP-200 AC200V
Pump mounting panel
Used for GM electric pump and controller or power box
Part Number
Part Number
Dimensional drawing
Controller/Power box/Pump mouting panel
Power box
Controller/Power box/Pump mouting panel
Pump mounting panel
Controller/Power box/Pump mouting panel


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