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Pressure switch/Pressure sensor
To protect the whole system, installed on the piping end to detect any of normal pressure.
Pressure switch/Pressure sensor
Pressure switch
Part Number
PS Type
Part Number Model Contact type Operating pressure Return pressure
209170 PS-B170 N.C 1.667±0.049MPa 0.883±0.147MPa
209171 PS-A170 N.O 1.667±0.049MPa 0.883±0.147MPa
209172 PS-B014 N.C 0.137±0.029MPa 0.069±0.029MPa
201973 PS-B150 N.C 1.471±0.049MPa 0.883±0.147MPa
209174 PS-B021 N.C 0.206±0.029MPa 0.147±0.029MPa
209175 PS-B015 N.C 0.147±0.029MPa 0.098±0.029MPa
209176 PS-A115 N.O 1.128±0.049MPa 0.441±0.098MPa
209177 PS-A011 N.O 0.108±0.029MPa 0.049±0.029MPa
209178 PS-A150 N.O 1.471±0.049MPa 0.883±0.147MPa
209203 PS-A014 N.O 0.137±0.029MPa 0.069±0.029MPa
209204 PS-A180 N.O 1.765±0.049MPa 0.883±0.147MPa
209205 PS-A110 N.O 1.079±0.049MPa 0.558±0.147MPa
SPS Type
Part Number Model Upper limit pressure Lower limit pressure
209181 SPS-8TP-17/14-3/8 1.7MPa 1.4MPa
109181 SPS-8T-1.0/0.5-1/4 0.1MPa 0.05MPa
109182 SPS-8T-2.5/2.0-1/4 0.25MPa 0.2MPa
109183 SPS-8T-4.0/3.5-1/4 0.4MPa 0.35MPa
109184 SPS-8T-12/9-1/4 1.2MPa 0.9MPa
Dimensional drawing
Pressure switch
Pressure sensor
Maximum contact capacity 50W (pure resistance)
Maximum working voltage DC200V, AC200V
Maximum working current DC 1.0A, AC 0.6A
Maximumcondeuction current DC AC 2.0A
Maximum initial resistance 0.1Ω
Insulation resistance 10 9Ω
Part Number
Part Number Contact type Remarks
106651 N.O Lead wire drawing direction IN side
106652 N.C. Lead wire drawing direction OUT side
Dimensional drawing
Pressure sensor


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