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ACRA FS-F5216 Manual Foot Shear

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FS-F5216 Manual Foot (Stomp) Shear


Capacity: 16 Ga. X 52”
Cutting Capacity (Mild Steel): 16 Ga.
Maximum Cutting Length: 52”
Back Gauge Range: 25-1/2”
Front Gauge Range: 28”

Standard Equipment:
• Complete with four cutting edge high carbon high chrome lower blades.
• 2 edge upper blades .
• Front Arm Extensions.
• Back gauges .
• Front gauges.
• Side gauges.
• Spring actuated Holddown.
• Bottom treadle safety stop.

FS-F5216 Manual Foot (Stomp) Shear


Acra’s Manual Foot (Stomp) Shear features the following:

• Shear Frame, Bed, and Cutting Head Made of Heavy-Duty Cast Iron.
• Precision Ground Shear Bed to Assure Accurate Working Surface.
• Shear Blade Made of High Carbon-High Chrome.
• Suited for The Cutting Jobs for Mild Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass Zink, Plastic, and Lead.
• Made in Taiwan.

Additional information

Weight 1188 lbs
Dimensions 64 × 30 × 48 in