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Grease Systems

Automatic grease pump GMS-20-80
Automatic grease pump GMS-20-80 Automatic grease pump GMS-20-80
GMS-20-80-4LP GMS-20-80-10LP
Motor driven grease pump
Discharge volume 20cc/min
Discharge pressure 7.9MPa (80kgf/cm2) 1,160psi
Power DC24V
Rated current 1A
Motor DC Brush motor
Grade of grease NLGI No.000, 00, 0, 1
Type of grease Lithium grease
Grease level switch Option (for 10LP)
Reservoir capacity 0.4ℓ, 1ℓ
Weight 1.8kg (4LP) , 2.8kg (10LP)
Electrical Protection External type fuse: 100V/2A, 200V/1.25A
Protection class IP54
Others Built-in automatic pressure relief mechanism
Controller Option (P151)
Part Number
Part Number Model Voltage
102902 GMS-20-80-4LP DC24V
102903 GMS-20-80-10LP DC24V
102954 GMS-20-80-10LP AC110V
Hydraulic circuit drawing
Automatic grease pump GMS-20-80
Dimensional drawing
Automatic grease pump GMS-20-80


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