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Kingston Lathe HJ Series

Kingston Lathe HJ Series
MODEL HJ-1100 HJ-1700
  • Swing over bed: 17"

  • Swing over cross slide: 10-9/16"

  • Swing over gap: 24"

  • Length in front of face plate: 5-7/8"

  • Distance between centers: 43-1/2" - 67"

  • Spindle bore: 2-1/4"

  • Tapers of spindle hole and center M.T.: M.T. NO. 6 x NO. 4

  • Spindle nose: D 1-6

  • Range of spindle speeds (Changes): 12

  • Spindle speeds: 35, 52, 75, 110, 160, 230, 330, 490, 650, 950, 1350, and 2000 RPM

  • Number of feeds (Changes): 16

  • Feed range: Longitudinal

  • Cross inch/Rev.: 0.0012"-0.034" (0.03-0.85mm) 0.008"-0.023" (0.02-0.57mm)

  • Diameter and pitch of leadscrew: 1-3/8" (35mm), 4TPI or P6

  • Inch threads TPI 2-72 (44 kinds)

  • Metric threads: 0.2-14mm (39 kinds)

  • Maximum travel of compound: 5-7/8" (150mm)

  • Maximum travel of cross slide: 10-2/5" (265mm)

  • Maximum travel of tailstock quill: 5-7/8" (150mm)

  • Tailstock quill O.D. & taper inch, M.T. 2-3/8" (60mm), NO.4

  • Width of bedway: 11-3/4" (300mm)

  • Length of bedway: 82-5/8" (2100mm) 106-1/4" (2700mm)

  • Main drive motor: 7-1/2 HP

    Headstock is made of high tensile cast iron that provides rigidity and durability. Spindle is made of medium carbon steel (S45C), hardened by high frequency heat treatment and then precisely ground. It provides a generous bore (2 1/4"). The spindle is supported by three FAG bearings to assure its accuracy and rigidity. 12 spindle speeds ranging from 35 to 2000 RPM is based on a geometrical progression. Gears in the headstock are made of chromium molybedenum steel (SCM-21), treated by cementation then precisely ground to provide smooth and quiet running. Forced lubrication system is employed for headstock to ensure its accuracy and prolong operation life.

    Gear box is uniquely designed and driven by timing belt. It offers a comprehensive range of inch and metric threads without the use of change gears (Metric threads: 14-0.2mm pitch, inch threads: 2-72 TPI). Threads are changed by means of 3 levers and rotary dial. It also provides a wide range of feed rate selection. All gears in the gear box are made of SCM-4 hardened steel. Gears are running quietly. Output shaft is designed with saftey pin to protect gear box from damage. Gear box is oil bathed

    Cross slide ways with a large slide area are hardend and precisely ground to provide double wear-resistance. Cross slide screw is hardened and oil bathed. It is equipped with a backlash adjustment feed nut to maintain its accuracy.

    Apron is equipped with a manual and automatic lubrication system. It will keep cross slide ways and bedways clean and lubricated. This assures durability and lasting accuracy. The forced lubrication can be adjusted. An extra long half-nut (4") matches with a large diameter leadscrew (1-3/8"). Automatic feeding and threading are fully interlocked to prevent simulanious engagement of feeds and threads. The apron is equipped with an overload protection device to avoid machine damage.

    A large tailstock quill graduated in inch and metric scale is made of chromium molybdenum steel (SCM-21), treated by cementation and then precisley ground. Hardness of the quill is HRC60 degree. Tailstock is of rigid construction and has a tang to facilitate heavy drilling with stroke limit protection. Its rigidity will withstand heavy-duty cutting.

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